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Waiting on Isaac

We’ve been waiting all day on all the rain that Isaac (or what’s left of him) is supposed to be bringing us.

By lunch time the skies had turned a deep gray and the wind had picked up.  I ran my errands in my fancy striped rainboots.

I was afraid it would be a downpour during pick-up, but it was just some gusts of wind and sprinkling rain.  When we got home, we hung on the porch for a while hoping we could catch the storm blowing in.

We eventually gave up and went inside.  Weather reports say there’s a 100% chance of thunderstorms tonight.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, the little girl is getting some good reading time in and I’m wasting the afternoon on the computer.


Clearly, she doesn’t like copycats

Wow, yesterday was intense.  The little girl was a grouch getting ready for school.  By the time she left the house at 7:15, she had already told her dad to “shut up” and told me that she was “not having a very good day!”  Her mouth got her grounded.

She was still on a tear when she came home from school.  Among other things, she was upset because she found out that Skechers makes a knock-off of Toms shoes.  They’re called Bobs, “and they even have all the labels in the same places.  That’s not FAIR!” 

Clearly, she doesn’t like  copycats. 

The next thing I know, she’s drawing up a sign.

And then another, and then another, and another.

I was just glad her temper was focused somewhere other than on me.

She took one of them down the street and taped it to a telephone pole so she could get the word out about her No Bobs club.  (She included our address, which I’ve blurred out of these photos.)  She believes strongly in her causes. 

I started my period this morning.  I’m no expert on pre-puberty biology, but I’m thinking there may have been some hormones at play yesterday.

I took a little walkie down the street to see if I could find her No Bobs sign, but it either blew down in the night or someone took it down for us.

Why, hello!

I was just about to hop in my car this morning when I spied this little guy looking up at me. 

My first reaction was scream a little bit and jump out of my skin.  I like wildlife, but at comfortable distance, you know?  I’m SO glad my husband wasn’t home to laugh at me. 

I’m a wuss.

After the initial shock of nearly stepping on a turtle (and after I convinced myself that I couldn’t hide from it all day), I went inside and grabbed my camera.  This was some major bravery for me.  I was down on the pavement just a few feet in front of him snapping photos.

Why, hello!

It wasn’t so much that she made her own chocolate milk…

…that made me freak out a bit.  It was that I knew the top of the milk looked like this.

Do the math.  The milk is three weeks out of date! 

What’s worse – she added so much chocolate syrup that she didn’t even notice.

First posts are always so awkward

This is the post where I tell you who I am and that I’m starting a new blog. 


But it has to be done, so here goes.  My name is Anne and this is my blog.  The name luvaloo comes from a name that I sometimes call my daughter. 

Most of my blogging time is spent over at Craft Gossip, where I’m the editor of the Sewing blog.  Expect to see lots of sewing-related stuff here.  I used to have a personal blog at Casserole Blog, but it’s been sadly neglected for several years now.  Best to  just start fresh, no?

So the awkward first post is done.  Next time I post it will be something interesting.  Yay!!