Why, hello!

I was just about to hop in my car this morning when I spied this little guy looking up at me. 

My first reaction was scream a little bit and jump out of my skin.  I like wildlife, but at comfortable distance, you know?  I’m SO glad my husband wasn’t home to laugh at me. 

I’m a wuss.

After the initial shock of nearly stepping on a turtle (and after I convinced myself that I couldn’t hide from it all day), I went inside and grabbed my camera.  This was some major bravery for me.  I was down on the pavement just a few feet in front of him snapping photos.

Why, hello!


6 thoughts on “Why, hello!

  1. ja says:

    Whenever we find a box turtle, we paint the year on the underside with nail polish and have found it interesting to have “return” visitors from year to year. Great shot. I think he was as curious about you as you were about him, perhaps more so! One thing for sure, you didn’t intimidate that little guy.

  2. Cut*up Craft says:

    Love those photos of the curious turtle. Cannot wait to show Rowan.

  3. Boomdeeadda says:

    Did you help him to get where he should be? Cute little guy

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