Pretty curtains and a pretty sunset

So here are the new curtains I made for Liv’s room.

I was a bit OCD about making sure the repeats lined up perfectly on the two panels.  And there was a near tragedy when I was aligning and trimming the two fabric pieces to size.  The fabric was cut into two lengths. One was a little bit larger than I thought I’d need, and the other was that same length PLUS enough fabric to account for the long repeat.  When I trimmed them to match, I accidentally trimmed the extra off of the shorter panel instead of the longer panel.  Happily, I had just enough fabric in that shorter panel even after the trimming, and I now have a nice, big piece of leftover fabric from the larger panel.  I think it will become a matching pillow sham for her bed.

The fabric was super expensive, but it turns out that it’s thick enough material that I didn’t need to line them.  They do let some of the light come through, but not so much that it’s a distraction.  Bonus!!


Parents of school-aged kids, I have a solution to the sleepover problem.  You know, when your child asks to have a friend spend the night but you know that it will end up with no one getting a wink of sleep?  Two words: fake sleepover.  That’s when the friend comes over and stays through the evening, doing all of the fun sleepover things but then they go home at bedtime. 

We let Liv have her friend over for a fake sleepover on Saturday night.  As the sun was starting to go down, they asked if we could take a walk down to the little neighborhood lake around the block.  I wasn’t planning on doing it, but Liv said the words she knew I couldn’t resist:

“Come on, Mom, look at how pretty the sun is!  And you can take your cammm-rraaaa!”

And it was pretty.  And I did take my camera.


2 thoughts on “Pretty curtains and a pretty sunset

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Fancy the curtains and the cheery room. Cute flower lamp too. Your idea for ‘fake sleepover’ made me laugh. I lived in a neighborhood with lots of kids and summer time was constant sleep overs and yep, no one ever got any sleep.

    • Thanks so much!! That lime green is actually the color we painted her nursery. She’ll be 9 in November and he haven’t had to repaint yet. It’s definitely a cheery room. If I can ever get her to clean it up enough, I’ll give a photo tour. There’s a LOT of color (and flowers) in the room.

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