Early morning negotiation strategy

Little girl’s school starts at 7:45.  That’s butt in the seat time, y’all. 

She likes to get there early to get in a little playground time, so daddy leaves the house with her no later than 7:10.  That means that I get up at 6:15 to get a lunch ready and the little girl ready to leave.

6:15 hurts. 

I take that back.  I don’t mind getting up at 6:15.  Getting up at 6:15 and immediately walking into the kitchen and assembling a semi-nutritious lunch is what hurts.  My brain is still foggy and my eyes struggle to focus, but I’ve got to cut that hot dog, rumble around and find some fruit, and remember to pack utensils. 

Of course, on days that there is a school lunch that the little girl wants to eat, I get that time to ease into my morning instead.  I like it when she chooses the school lunch.

This morning I checked the school lunch menu and found that it was something she might want to eat.  When I went into her room to give her her “pre-wake”, I asked about the lunch.

“Tray lunch is barbecue chicken and peaches. Do you want that or do you want to bring your lunch”

“What would you pack me?”  The ever-important question.  I had planned on making her a hot dog, but I knew that she’d probably prefer that to the barbecue chicken.

“Oh… peanut butter and jelly.”

A moment of silence as she thinks about it, my 15 minutes of back-to-bed hanging in the balance.

“I’ll take the tray lunch.”



4 thoughts on “Early morning negotiation strategy

  1. mandyholbert says:

    This sounds a lot like my morning routine. Except my son refuses to ever eat school lunch, so regardless of what my daughter chooses, I’m still making at least one lunch at 5 am.

    • I know your pain! It wasn’t until last year that the little girl would eat a school lunch. I think she finally just burned out on the daily hot dogs. This year, she’s going for school lunches even on days that the main dish is something she doesn’t like. I think she’s just loading up on sides, but it gets me an extra 20 minutes in the morning so I let it go.

      • mandyholbert says:

        I tried something that saves me a ton of time with lunches. When I unload my groceries at home, instead of putting boxes of snacks in the pantry, I go ahead and put everything into snack baggies for lunches. And I devoted a drawer in the fridge to individual cold snacks. I even wash the grapes and put them in single serving baggies. Then, when I make lunches, all I have to do is make the sandwich and grab whatever else I want to pack. It’s already bagged and ready to go. It saves me a TON of time, and I still save money by not buying all the overpriced individually wrapped foods.

      • That is an awesome idea!! I very rarely buy the individually packaged items, so usually I’m all cross-eyed waking up while trying to find a baggie for a handful of chips.

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