She was okay, till she wasn’t

Yesterday was one of those crazy busy days that require a certain amount of choreography and careful scheduling to get everything done. 

The little girl had a dentist appointment in the afternoon to get some teeth pulled.  And that evening, there was open house at her school.  I couldn’t skip because i’m president of the school’s PTA this year.   In order for Tony and me to both attend the open house, we made arrangements so the little girl could spend the evening at my mother’s house getting babied.  And of course, I always have my daily blogging over at Craft Gossip to do. 

In spite of waking up with a roaring headache, I trudged through the to do list.  Get this done by that time, another thing done 30 minutes later.  We were making it.

The little girl threw a monkey wrench into our plans at the dentist’s office.  She was too scared to let the dentist do his thing. 

She was fine the night before.  But through the course of a school day, she worked herself into a fit of anxiety over the appointment.  By the time we got her to the appointment, she would hardly sit in the chair, much less let them put the Bozo Nose on her. 

I’ll spare you the play by play, but suffice it to say there was drama. 

I’m a little surprised the dentist wasn’t more prepared for a scared little girl.  I’m sure she wasn’t the first who needed some extra assurance.  His approach was to suggest that we send her to a pediatric dentist who could prescribe a sedative for her take ahead of time.  Of course, the little girl could overhear all of this conversation so it just fed the idea that she could throw a fit and avoid doing the thing she didn’t want to do.

(Don’t feel too sorry for her.  At once point in the car, I saw her watching herself in the mirror while she cried.  Tony witnessed a smile on her face as she ran out of the waiting room.  There was a good degree of performance going on.  It just got out of hand and she made herself more scared than she could handle.) 

I probably should have been more sympathetic, but in moment I was just really really annoyed at the whole situation.  Annoyed that all of the running around that day would be for naught, that she worked herself into such a spot, and that the dentist didn’t just suggest the pediatric dentist to begin with.

In the end, there was just no way to go through with the appointment.  We left the office with the three teeth still intact and we called my mother to let her know she wouldn’t be needed that night.  We made an appointment with the pediatric dentist.  The little girl fell asleep on the couch, totally drained from the experience. 

Here’s hoping our next attempt at the teeth extraction is more successful than this one.


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