I had crafty plans for the weekend…

…but they were dashed by a storm that came through last night. 

It didn’t last long, but the winds were pretty intense.  I was in the middle of sewing a doll-sized pillowcase when the lights flickered.  I could hear the transformers groaning in the distance.  A few more flickers, and the lights were out.

On top of that, my husband got called in to work to handle a storm-related emergency up there.  The little girl and I just cuddled in bed and read The Little House in the Big Woods by the light of a battery-powered lantern until we both fell asleep.

Thankfully, we do have a generator, and this morning my husband got it up and running.  It’s powering our refrigerator, our fish tank, our TV, and our computers (including the wireless network).  

Of course, that means we have orange extension cords running all through the house. 

And I don’t have my sewing machines available, so I’m just hanging out and reading a book.

Lots of folks lost power in the storm, so the power company has a lot of people to bring back on line.  Unfortunately, we’re at the bottom of the call priority list since it’s just us and about 5 other houses on our block who are without power.  

I’m choosing to think of it as some forced down time.  We’re heading out to dinner, then I figure I’ll pour myself a glass of wine and see if I can finish my book before the power comes back on.


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