Mama Kitty has some nice digs

The rest of my house might be trashed, but Mama Kitty’s room is always pulled together.

It’s not much – just a 15 quart Sterilite plastic tub – but it’s got everything a favorite stuffed kitty needs to pass the time while the little girl is away at school. 

A bed, a pillow, and a blanket. 

A dresser with some framed art and a Kit Kittredge book. 

A computer on a desk with a lamp and a yellow stool. 

A guitar sits in the corner ready for some musical entertainment. 

She’s even got a bowl of English peas for when she gets hungry.

She gets tucked in safe and sound every morning as the little girl heads out to school.  It’s a nice life.

If only the little girl would keep her own room as neat and clean as she does Mama Kitty’s.


3 thoughts on “Mama Kitty has some nice digs

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Adorable. Where does that go when we grow up? I love that mama kitty has a guitar.

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