Sugar-free (or not) vanilla cream soda

I recently discovered the joy of an Italian soda.  Some sort of flavored syrup mixed with sparkling water, made into a little sip of heaven with the addition of some half-and-half.

The Loblolly Creamery soda fountain in the Green Corner Store has an elderberry cream soda that is to die for.   I don’t walk through the doors without ordering one as a treat for myself. 

But that gets expensive, so I’ve started making a cheater version at home.  

They’re super simple to make.  Just pour a dash of the syrup into the bottom of the glass.  Mix in some half-and-half, about twice as much as the syrup.  Fill with ice and then pour sparkling water over the top.  Stir and enjoy.  You can use fancy designer mineral water, but a can of Kroger brand sparkling water does just fine for me.

My version is sugar-free since I have issues with candida, and keeping my sugar intake at a minimum helps keep that under control.  For a treat soda, the sugar is fine.  But for guilt-free everyday, I was happy to find that Torani makes Splenda-sweetened sugar-free syrups. Yay!!!  Granted, there wasn’t much selection in flavors available in town, but I did find a vanilla flavored syrup. 

It tastes like melted snow ice cream, but with fizz. Yum!!



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