Now THAT’S a spool of thread

Look what arrived in the mail today!

I have a thing about buying craft supplies in bulk.  Uline sends me catalogs, and I pore over the pages fantasizing about getting a carton of poster mailing tubes or rolls of cheap kraft paper.  With the industrial stand and paper cutter, of course.

When I was at my friend Kimberly’s house, I spied the most fabulous spool of thread standing behind her sewing machine.  It was like a cone of serger thread, but it was sewing machine thread – and it was Gutermann.  I got a little weak in the knees.

I am all the time having to make a quick run up to the fabric store because I’ve run out of thread.  Those little 250-yard spools just don’t last very long in my craft room!!  Her spool had over 3,000 yards on it.  Sigh…

She was so very kind (or maybe enabling?) to let me know when JoAnn Fabrics put them on special.  And she gave me a code for free shipping.  How could I not order some for myself?  The selection of colors is pretty slim in the giant spools, so I just stuck to the basics.  Two white, one black, one light brown.


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