Craft space shame

I’m not going to have time in the next few months to do any crafting or sewing, but it’s not like I have a working studio right now anyway.  I have a nice, big room for my crafting but it’s so out of control that it’s not usable.

It’s like an oversized version of the disorganized storage closet in your house, the one that you cram things into and then slam the door before it all has a chance to tumble out.  When I want to work on a project, it takes some crazy yoga balancing to pull my supplies out of the piles and off the shelves, so I can take them into the dining room to work on. (Because in this mess, there isn’t even a work space clear any more.)

I need to do some serious cleaning out and organizing before I can justify any more projects.

Here’s the view from the door.

Notice that the door is only partially open.  That’s because there’s a pile of some sort of something preventing it from opening all the way.

And the view from the other side  of the room.

I have no idea why that closet door at the back of that ginormous pile is open.  It’s not like I can reach anything in it.  On the other hand, it’s not like I can reach the closet to close the doors.

On a happy note, I have gotten one set of shelves cleaned out and somewhat organized.  There are actually empty spaces here and there!

Whenever I feel overwhelmed with the rest of the studio, I walk over to this corner.  If I stand just right, I can block out the rest of the chaotic mess and imagine that the rest of the room is as clean as these few square feet.


5 thoughts on “Craft space shame

  1. You’re so honest! 🙂 And you’ll get there! But in the meantime, enjoy knowing that you have all those wonderful materials to use when time allows. 🙂

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    Take comfort in knowing everyone with a craft room struggles to remain organized at some point, so you are not alone. I do try & put things away every couple of days. We’re renting and I’m always afraid our Landlord, who is also a friend, will drop in. I’ve starting collecting Vintage Storage Containers, like old cupboard, cigar box’s, milk glass, vintage sewing box….I found I actually like making it pretty with vintage, helps me stay tidy.

  3. Roar Sweetly says:

    There looks like lots of crafty goodies in that room. There’s nothing better than the feeling of getting something messy all clean and organised!

    • Definitely lots of craft toys in the room! Every time I clean up/out, I find things I’d forgotten I had. By the time I get the whole space organized, I should be plenty inspired for several years’ worth of crafty projects.

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