Sand in my tushie!!

Yesterday we drove down to Gulf Shores.  We’ll be spending a week here.  This was my view from the balcony this morning.

Jealous any?

It was supposed to rain all day, but so far all we’ve gotten are some dark clouds and fantastic waves.  The wind blows like it’s ready to storm, but it never happens.  Just that glorious feeling right before the bottom drops out.

I did some Craft Gossip blogging early in the morning while Liv and my mother took a walk down on the beach.  When they came back, the little girl wanted some mama time.  We took a stroll down the beach and back, stopping every now and then to wade out into the surf.

It was a picture perfect kind of morning.  The contrast of the deep dark gray storm clouds and the bright sky around, and then the dark waves with the whitecaps breaking, made me wish I had my camera.  Or flock of seagulls flying around Liv as she ran free spirit down the beach, wave wet hair blowing in the wind.  But having that camera would mean that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy actually being out in the water and the sand with her.

(After we got back, I ran out to the balcony with my zoom lens to grab a picture of the waves from 12 stories up.  The kids are just random wave crashers who seemed like good enough photo props…)

Liv is usually a scaredy-cat with the waves.  She gets out about ankle deep and then a tiny wave crashes around her legs, and then she runs back out of the water in a squawky panic.  But today…

Today she went out waist deep and we skipped waves.  When our legs got tired, we’d sit down in the shallow water and let the waves crash on our bodies.

“This is EPIC!”

“Butt IN!” (said as we’d squat and point our butts in the direction of the wave)

“This is the most fun day of my life!”

“Sand in my tushie!”

“I gotta clean out my litter box!”



“We could do this forever!”


I wish we could.


2 thoughts on “Sand in my tushie!!

  1. ja says:

    There’s sand in my tushie and salt in my hair,
    that we can’t stay longer just doesn’t seem fair.

    I’d be a great beach bum with camera in hand
    and soak up the wonder of this southern land.

    No cooking and cleaning or errands to run,
    just sunshine and leisure…
    such great gypsy fun!

    (Ya’ll have fun!)

  2. Denise says:

    Reading this post totally made my day. Joy!

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