We got ‘er done

Our first attempt at getting Liv’s teeth pulled didn’t really work out.  The dentist, sweet man that he is, fell for the drama and the tears hook.  line.  and sinker.  We left the appointment with all three baby teeth intact, and made an appointment to see a pediatric dentist.

Round Two included a morning appointment so there wasn’t time for her to get too nervous, and a dose of Demerol before she went back to sit in the chair.  She took the Bozo Nose without difficulty, and didn’t even fuss when the dentist gave her shots to numb her gums.  She was soooo out of it at that point that she believed him when he told her he was drawing cartoon characters in her mouth.

Between waiting for the Demerol to kick in and then waiting for the gas and the numbing to take effect, there was easily an hour and a half leading up to the big event.


It took less than three minutes for him to get all three teeth out of her mouth.


3 thoughts on “We got ‘er done

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    I’m the biggest baby there is when it comes to the dentist. My dentist is great, and gentle, it’s the hygenist that really is pokey and prickly…yikes

  2. Denise says:

    I could have taken care of that in 2 minutes with a pair of craft pliers. And I would have charged you only $2. Just sayin…

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