Three important words

This morning I taught Liv how to say three very important words.  And, no, they weren’t “I love you.”  They were…

Venti. Breve. Latte.

She and her daddy got it for me (upon my request) while out on their Saturday morning donut run.  A to-go cup of “I love you”.


2 thoughts on “Three important words

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Oh man, yes Starbucks Latte is my secret boyfriend. I get anxious if I don’t see it at least every other day. I get the Tall Skinny, 1 pump of Sugar Free Vanilla…it’s 3 points on Weight Watchers and sometimes lunch. Like today when the hubby ate a giant bag of popcorn at the cinema…Loopers was awesome.

    • I drive through the Starbucks by my house enough that they all know me. Grande breve latte (for me) and a chocolate chunk cookie (for the little girl). Good to know about Loopers. We don’t get out to see movies very often, but when we do decide to do a date night we don’t know what’s good and what’s not.

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