Tony gets a crafty Halloween idea

Liv has a flower floor lamp in her room.  It has three small lightbulbs surrounded by plastic flower petals.  She’s had it since she was a toddler.  The bulbs don’t put out much light.  In fact, we just use large Christmas tree bulbs and she uses it as a night light.

Today when we were pulling out our Halloween decorations, Tony had a fun idea.

He turned it into a pumpkin lamp!

The flower petals are easy enough to remove.  Just unscrew the lightbulbs and a plastic washer thing, and slide them off.  He took some plastic jack-0-lantern treat buckets, removed the handles, and drilled a hole in the backs.  Then, he threaded them on the lamp in place of the flowers.  Now her flower power light is spooky for Halloween.




2 thoughts on “Tony gets a crafty Halloween idea

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Brilliant, I love that! I see these buckets all the time and would never have thought of that. I bet it’s look cute on a porch too.

  2. Denise says:

    ALL of those Weavers are crafty!

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