This is where we were last night

Last night we had a special family outing.

We all bundled up and spent the evening watching a Little Rock Central High football game.  My alma mater.

Little girl had never been to a football game before. She’s seen some football games on TV now and then (we’re not super big into televised sports at our house), and had asked to go to a game.  Actually, she asked to go to a Razorback game but we knew that it was a) too expensive and b) going to be too rowdy for our littl girl.

High school football seemed more her speed.  The only problem is that every year the season ends before we’re able to find a night that they’re playing a home game AND we’re free AND there’s good weather.

Until last night.

As it turned out, it was also the homecoming game.  How lucky was that??

We watched as the high-steppers did a pre-game routine.  Liv got a huge kick out of watching the football players run through the big sign when they took the field.  I got a little teary when they started playing the alma mater – Hail to the old gold, Hail to the black….  I felt all kinds of nostalgic looking over and seeing the big crowd of high school kids standing near the end zone.  Just like old times.  Except now I’m seeing the kids of my friends standing in that group.  And I’m picturing a few years from now when Liv will be standing there with them.

It was good times.

Though I do have a bone to pick with their band director.  EVERYONE KNOWS that you’re supposed to play the fight song TWICE.  Play it once, then do the “chee cha, ha ha, Tigers, Tigers, rah, rah, rah” cheer, then play it AGAIN.  That’s how it goes.   This playing it once and leaving the “chee cha, ha ha” cheer just hanging out there is lame.  Just sayin’.

You can see that the other stands are pretty much empty.  Our opponents were from a town several hours away, so their crowd was pretty thin.  (That, and our stadium is a lot larger than most high school stadiums and it takes a LOT of bodies to fill the stands.)

In case you’re wondering, we smoked ’em.  35 to 20.


One thought on “This is where we were last night

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Looks like football is a pretty big deal in your community. It’s fun to rally around local boys. The High School I went to did have a football team but we didn’t have a stadium…actually no one does. Highschool football is just not the big here. As you probably guessed, it’s all about the hockey here. I can’t remember any of the songs though since it was way way back in 1979. Gulp, that’s more than 30 years ago.

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