In the nick of time

The death march through the holidays continues.  Friday night was Fall Fest at Liv’s school, which is why this blog has been silent lately.  This was our first annual Fall Fest, and my job coordinating it kind of consumed my life.

In the middle of it all, I also had to pull together Liv’s Halloween costume.  She wore the same cat costume for three years in a row, but this year she finally decided to change it up and go as Hermione instead.

I found the uniform pieces from Justice.  (btw, I HATE that store!! All the flashy, cheaply made clothes that are ridiculously overpriced…)  I made the cape.  The Gryffindor patch was done on the fancy schmancy Bernina embroidery machine that I’m reviewing for Craft Gossip.The outer is black suiting, and it’s lined with burgundy fleece so it’s good and warm for cold weather trick or treating.   Because of the thick lining and the “won’t hold a crease” polyester suiting, I used strips of the suiting to bind the edges.

I was sewing the cape until the very last minute.  She wore it unhemmed to a party Sunday night.  It dragged the ground and collected leaves and all manner of dirt.  Yesterday I trimmed it up and hemmed it, handstitching until the minute we had to walk out of the house to go to Boo at the Zoo.

This morning I realized that we still have a pumpkin that we haven’t carved yet.  And we haven’t decorated any of the 7 foam pumpkins I bought from Michael’s.  The little girl is home sick with a tummy ache today, so maybe we’ll make decorating pumpkins a fun sick day activity.


5 thoughts on “In the nick of time

  1. Marisa says:

    oh she is SO AWESOME!!! love it!

    and hahahahaa, JUSTICE. *facepalm* whyyyyyyy do my kids love it so much? whyyyyy does my family buy it for them for every holiday and B2s? Half of the stuff they end up with, I won’t let them wear, even if it is my MOM buying it!

    • I know, right? Liv gets this goofy far away grin on her face whenever she walks into the store and all that sparkle hits the brain. Thankfully my mother steers clear of Justice. Every now and then she’ll find something that is reasonably priced and not so awful.

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    Man, the pressure….you moms are amazing. You’ve made a good looking costume there, your youngster seems to like it too.

  3. Denise says:

    *screaming at the utter awesomeness*

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