Sneaking another one in at the last minute

As if stitching on the child’s costume until right before we walked out of the door to a pre-Halloween event wasn’t last minute enough, how about some Halloween pumpkin crafting – on Halloween itself?

Several weeks before, I bought a bag full of foam pumpkins and the supplies needed to glitter them up. $55 on pumpkins and glue and glitter.  And then Fall Fest happened.  And then I had to make a costume.  Halloween nearly came and went without us actually using the supplies I bought.

Tuesday night we spray painted a base coat on the pumpkins, and the Wednesday when Liv came home from school we made a big ole’ glittery mess on the kitchen floor.  One of her friends came over, and we let her make a pumpkin, too.  Just before heading out to trick or treat, we added these four pumpkins to our front porch.

They’re not as fancy or as polished as other pumpkin crafts I’ve seen out on Pinterest and on other people’s blogs, but they were SO. MUCH. FUN. to make.  It was a crazy crafting free-for-all.  It was a good exercise for me in giving up control, turning the little girl loose and seeing what she came up with.  (The dracula face in the top photo and the white stripe and blue polka dotted one in the bottom photo are both all hers.)  And it turns out that it was a good activity to fill the time between school and trick or treating.  I think we may have discovered a new Halloween tradition.

On a side note, this was the first time I’d used  Martha Stewart glitter and glitter glue.  As much as her pious perfectionist ways really get under my skin, I’ve got to give it to her that she makes good glittering stuff.  I’ll be buying her glitter and glitter glue from now on.


One thought on “Sneaking another one in at the last minute

  1. ampc says:

    Love that I’m not the only one doing last minute crafts!! Sounds like a blast, though. And yeah, I think I’m about to buy Martha’s Pom-Pom maker because so many reviews have said it cuts down on production time significantly… And I’m intending to have a Pom-filled Christmas!

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