Has it really been two weeks?

Looks like it has, and I’m just popping in to tell you I’m still alive.  In the past two weeks we’ve planned and executed THREE birthday parties for Olivia.  Gosh, that sounds so extreme.  One was a casual party for the family, just cupcakes and Happy Birthday and opening presents.  Then what we termed the “party party” that we invited all of her friends from school, church, and neighborhood to.  Then, the following night, the slumber party. It was our first ever time to host a slumber party.   We had planned on having a very limited guest list, but somehow we ended up with 11.  With Olivia it was 12.  Wow.  I may or may not blog in more detail about that later.

I also managed to bake and ice 96 pumpkin spice cupcakes (with cinnamon cream cheese icing) to take up to teachers and staff at Liv’s school as a thank you for helping out with the Fall Fest.  Gosh, that seems like ages ago.

Oh, and tomorrow morning we’re heading out for a trip to Orlando.  I have a feeling I won’t be finding time to blog again until we’re back.

I’m tired!!



One thought on “Has it really been two weeks?

  1. Marisa says:

    Oh man, I’m exhausted just read this!! Well, and also, I’ve been crazy busy, too. Good luck getting through the holidays! And I wish I was a teacher at your kiddo’s school – those cupcakes sound DIVINE!

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