Monthly Archives: January 2013

Morning at the museum

Lookie where we were today!


Is that the Oval Office?  Looks like it, but it’s actually a replica at the Clinton Presidential Center.  Liv, my mother, and I spent a couple of hours down there today.


The purpose of the trip was to see an exhibit of art made from Legos.  It was just one room, but there were a number of sculptures and accompanying photographs that included the sculptures somewhere within the scene.  They didn’t necessarily place the coordinating pieces side by side, so we had fun matching up the sculptures with the photographs.

Whenever I take Liv to see art, I ask her to tell me which piece is her favorite.  In order to answer my question, she has to look at every single piece in the gallery.  Sneaky mom.  I usually also ask her to tell me why it’s her favorite, which then gets her looking closer at color, form, etc.

Today, Liv’s favorite piece was an umbrella.  I asked her why, she said it was cool that you could make an umbrella out of Legos.  (Not a very detailed answer, but I had to agree – it IS cool that someone made an umbrella out of Legos.)


This dress was my mother’s favorite.  She liked the way that the artist showed the movement of the dress using the plastic bricks.


While we were there, we also checked out an exhibit of gifts made to the Clintons by heads of state from around the world.

After viewing the exhibits, we grabbed a bite to eat at 42, the museum restaurant.  It gets its name from the fact that Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States, and also the 42nd governor of Arkansas.  Liv felt all fancy drinking her water from a stemmed glass.



It’s a new year, y’all


Last night we said goodbye to 2012 and welcomed 2013 with open arms.  I have the typical wishes for a simpler lifestyle, a clean house, and a slimmer midsection.  I’ll try my darndest to make those happen, but the reality is that I’ll probably fall short and find myself 12 months from now wishing for those exact same things for the next year.  I’m okay with that.  Circle of life and fallen expectations and all of that.

But what I need more than anything out of coming year is a year without major sickness in our family.   Last year held a lot of good byes for me.  Our Christmas gift list was short three names.  Alzheimer’s and stage 4 cancer took my father away, body and mind. And then just a few months later, my grandmother was in the hospital, presumably for pneumonia.  She made it through and back home again, only to die suddenly from something unrelated.  And just a month before Christmas, Tony’s grandmother also died. I can make myself okay if I slip up and don’t get my house cleaned out or improving my exercise habits, but I absolutely need a year without hospitals or funerals.