It’s the blogger’s walk of shame

Except instead of sneaking out of some place I shouldn’t have been, I’m trying to sneak back into some place I should have been.

It’s been more than a year since my last blog post.  That’s shameful.

I have written and rewritten my comeback post in my head a million times.  The reasons why I hit the wall last year, the Cliffs Notes version of what has transpired in our lives since the last post, the promises of blogging goodness to come.

It just loomed there.  The blogger’s walk of shame post.

But I’ve decided today that I’m just putting this post out there.  Just a post and nothing more, just enough that I can hit “publish” and no longer see a last post date of more than a year ago.


And there, now it’s done.  Wasn’t so hard, actually.  And now I can get back to the posts that are fun to write.


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