Feeling the quilty pull again

I tend to be rather fickle with my crafting.  I move from one love to another and back again.  I started out sewing, then quilting, then paper crafting, then back to sewing, and now I’m noticing that quilty things are catching my eye again.

Friday my friend Kimberly invited me to a Sit and Quilt event at The Stitchin Post.  I brought a couple of projects with me, including an iPad case that was nearly done and just needed finishing up.  But what did I work on?  I stitched a bunch of small squares into some half-square triangles to make a doll quilt.  Liv doesn’t even really play with dolls any more.

But…. The piecing was sooo relaxing!  I think it’s the simple, repetitive, but attention-requiring tasks that allowed me to sort of zone out.  And then there’s the joy of working with colors and simple geometric shapes to make big patterns.  What’s not to love?

That night I poured myself a glass of wine and kept on piecing.


I got two small blocks finished.  My advanced quilty friends will NOT be impressed by these, but the colors and the doll-sized-ness of it makes me happy.


Actually, as I write this up, I’ve made further progress on the quilt.  Maybe I’ll post an updated pic tomorrow?


One thought on “Feeling the quilty pull again

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    My kind of project, bite size with vino 😀 The colours are gorgeous, I’m a total aqua nut and also go for the bright pinks.

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