Grocery shopping was fun yesterday

Dare I say it?  I actually kinda enjoyed grocery shopping yesterday!

And I came home with a cart full of yummy, relatively healthy food.


Well… except for the potato chips.  Kettle chips are my kryptonite.

It’s been a while since grocery shopping hasn’t totally sucked.  It’s one of the side effects of having a picky eater in your house.  There is no motivation to try new recipes because no matter what it is, if it isn’t tortellini with Alfredo sauce or French toast, it’ll be met with tears and trepidation and negotiations about how much we really expect her to eat.

Sucks the ever livin’ joy out of making food.  So you just try to find some kind of easy to fix something to eat every night while you boil yet another pot of noodles for the little girl.

That’s how it was until just a few weeks ago, when I’d had enough.  I’d made chicken nuggets for her.  Organic chicken nuggets because I thought maybe she wouldn’t turn her nose up at nuggets if it was a better grade of meat.  But of course she did, what was I thinking???

There were tears.  Ohhh, so many tears, as if I was asking her to ingest poison.  There were selfies messaged to her BFF showing exactly how much she was suffering.

It was ridiculous.

So after that night, there has been a new rule in our house.  She eats what we eat, no complaining, no fussing.  If she utters one negative word about the meal, she is grounded from all electronics and friends for the next day.  Two complaints, two days grounded.  We do not force her to eat it, but if she chooses to not eat the food there will be no other food until the next regularly scheduled mealtime.

And as a reward, if she can go a full week with no complaining, she gets to pick the entire menu for one meal.

It has been blissful.  There are many nights when she does not eat the food, but at 10 years old she’s old enough to understand why she’s hungry.

She ate steak the other night.  She wouldn’t go so far as to say she actually LIKED it, but she did say, “it’s not bad if you eat it with mashed potatoes.”  It felt like a victory.

And now grocery shopping is kind of fun again.  I’ve been browsing Pinterest for new recipes to try and filling my cart with ingredients and a fresh attitude toward or mealtimes.


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