Almost done with the wonky doll quilt


The doll quilt is all pieced and quilted and nearly done!  I’m showing it pre-quilted because those are the photos I have handy on my camera.  The quilting was just stitching in the ditch so it doesn’t add that much to the design.

It ended up rather wonky because of my laziness (and I won’t rule out arrogance, either)  in thinking it wasn’t really allll that necessary to square the blocks.  It’s a small quilt, right?  I can make it work.  Ha!


Here it is pre-quilting.  It’s hard to see, but a lot of the gray areas are kind of wavy where the pieces stretched.  Oh well, la la, right?

It’s just a doll quilt.  I’m not planning on entering it into any competitions or showing it at any guild meetings.  I’m making myself happy with it regardless of the imperfections.  The colors ARE pretty, aren’t the?


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